Industrial Solutions

We take pride in providing expertise in solving day-to-day industrial challenges. Over the years, we have helped companies realize increased production output from their systems. We offer a range of solutions for the processing and manufacturing industries including the below;

steam boilers

Plant Inspection

We offer inspection services for various equipment, including boilers, air receivers & compressors, cold rooms, and other plant equipment.

We also provide boiler control options ranging from electro / mechanical through to full-microprocessor control systems to match application and customer needs.

Electechnique is your one-stop shop for boiler maintenance products, inspection, planned outage maintenance, emergency service, and on-site equipment assessments.


Process automation

Today, all well-run operations are utilizing the full capabilities of their control systems to increase capacity and reduce cost.

Electechnique provides a range of automation solutions for food processing and manufacturing applications. We also source and supply replacement parts from their original equipment manufacturers in short turn-around times.


Electronics repair

Why replace when we can repair?

Most equipment today uses electronic components for different functions in their operations. Due to changes in the power system or aging, the electronics will cease functioning leading to downtimes. Where possible, the repair is often more cost-effective than replacing them.

We repair electronic circuit boards for various equipment such as power supply units, variable frequency drives & other equipment.

Inspection, automation or electronics repair

we got you covered